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Our enterprise Saha Industries, has been focusing on pleasing a wide clientele since the day of our incorporation. Constantly, we have worked in a client oriented manner, aiming to benefit them to the fullest. This approach has made us popular across the Indian market. Rice has been the specialty of our enterprise as we have strong business ties with the most trusted farmers and suppliers of the industry. The unrivaled quality and exceptional purity that we promise in our Rice collection have made us earn great respect in the domain. The Rice variety that we offer to our clients includes Organic Basmati Rice, Raw Basmati Rice, Boiled Rice, Aromatic Rice, etc. Along with these, we also offer our patrons with finely ground Chilli Powders, Coriander Powders and more. 

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Tili Tola Patna Road, District Hazaribagh, Nearby Barhi Chowk, Barhi, Jharkhand, 825405, India